Multimedia program on the history of the Popular Front of Latvia

Dd studio has created a multimedia program “Latvian Popular Front: Living History” that offers a look at the history of the Popular Front of Latvia from its establishment to the regaining of the Latvian independence. The target audience of the program is high school students who are encouraged to think about the importance of national independence, civic engagement and patriotism in the life of the nation and every citizen in particular.

The design of the program is based on the principle of collage. A virtual universe is created that represents different aspects of the political struggle for Latvian independence. The uniting element of the design is the Latvian symbol auseklis, or Morning Star. Its eight points correspond to the eight topics of the program. Users of the program can examine more than hundred photographs and scanned documents, watch documentary materials and interviews with the leaders of the Popular Front. The program contains also a simple but attractive game where players are required to create a virtual “Baltic Way”, or human chain that connects the three Baltic republics.