Retrospective of Gustavs Klucis’s Works

Dd studio has designed and created an exhibition of the works by the famous Latvian artist and constructivist Gustavs Klucis. The exhibition “Gustavs Klucis. The Anatomy of an Experiment” that took place at the Arsenāls Exhibition Hall in Riga, presented 250 works by the artist, and some of them, three-dimensional objects, were recreated for this exhibition according to the artist’s drawings and historical materials. The exhibition was designed to place similar emphasis on all periods of Klucis’s art, not just the time when he created the famous soviet posters using the technique of collage. It reveals the evolution of the artist and the experimental nature of his art. For every period of his creative development, a video was made to characterise its historic context. Archive materials from Latvia and Russia were used in production of these videos.