Rubene Evangelical Lutheran Church

The current building of the Rubene church was constructed in the 18th century, but the history of the Rubene parish is much older - its origins can be traced back to the 13th century. It was also the time when Henry of Livonia, Rubene’s most prominent priest, served there. He wrote The Livonian Chronicle which is the oldest and most significant historical source that tells us about the Crusades in the Baltics. In 2020, extensive renovation and improvement works were completed in the Rubene Church. The multimedia exposition created by Dd studio was part of this renovation project.

The multimedia exposition was designed so that it would fit organically into the church environment and would not interfere with its basic function, as the church has a congregation and continues to have regular services. When creating the exposition, the specific conditions of its use had to be taken into account - part of the church is open to visitors continuously and the exposition must be visible at any time, so special attention had to be paid to safety issues. A key element of the multimedia exhibition is an interactive projection that visitors can control from a touch screen. The projection not only gives an imaginative insight into the history of the church, but also highlights the most important elements of its interior. Visitors can learn more about them on the touch screen.