Permanent exhibition of the Ventspils Museum

In the year 2000, Dd studio began collaboration with the Ventspils Museum on its digital exhibition. The idea was to create an interactive museum data base that can be viewed on touchscreens placed throughout the museum. At the time, a digital exhibition was something new for Latvia: the Ventspils Museum was the first Latvian museum to have this type of exhibition.

At the end of 2001, the Ventspils Museum moved to new premises in the building of the Castle of the Livonian Order. Soon after, Dd studio developed and carried out the interior and design of the museum’s new premises. The permanent exhibition of the Ventspils Museum is a combination of the ancient and the modern. In the museum, various technologies are used and contemporary design solutions are applied. At the same time, the authentic elements of the medieval castle were left uncovered and the ancient atmosphere of the historic monument was preserved.