Joy of Creation: Folk and Applied Art Exhibition

The exhibition “Joy of Creation” is part of the Latvian XXVI Song and XVI Dance Celebration which this year was organized to celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Latvia. There is one more anniversary, it is seventies years since the folk and applied art exhibitions became part of the national song and dance festivals. Dd Studio has created an exhibition that aims to demonstrate the knowledge and practical wisdom that underlies the Latvian folk and applied art. It is not a fossilised tradition. The aspect of know-how and technical skill makes this art very contemporary, and the exhibition design also is contemporary, multimedia are widely employed and it addresses our contemporaries. There is a large number of artworks presented at the exhibition, they are organized according to a variety of principles – techniques, materials, aesthetic character, and geography. The visual impact is striking and diverse, not museum-like and encyclopaedic. The exhibition has a mobile app that allows visitors when they are in the vicinity of some particular exhibits to learn about them more and play simple but entertaining games.

Photo: Reinis OliƆš