Permanent exhibition for the Maiden Tower in Baku

Dd has created a permanent exhibition for the Maiden Tower (Qiz Qalasi) in Baku. The Maiden Tower is the symbolic and historic centre of Baku. It is located in Icherisheher (Old Town) which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tower has eight storeys and a rooftop platform with breath-taking panorama over the city. 

The aim of the new exhibition was to demonstrate the importance of the Maiden Tower for the culture of Azerbaijan and richness of the tower’s history. There are many interpretations of the meaning and history of the tower, and the new permanent exhibition presented them all, permitting visitors to judge for themselves which of these interpretations seem more persuasive. The design of the exhibition allowed to combine the authentic environment of the museum and contemporary technologies. Ventilation openings in two ceilings that were constructed during the Soviet era were enlarged in order to create an additional depth to the joined exhibition halls. In one of the projections, aero videos of the historic monuments of Baku were used. The videos were made particularly for this project using a remotely controlled flying device.