Exhibition “100 years of Latvian diplomacy and foreign affairs”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrates this year it’s hundred anniversary. The aim of travelling exhibition is to offer a compact and easily transportable frame for the history of Latvian diplomatic service. This history have been dynamic and saturated, beginning with the formation period of the state and proceeding with first independence years, occupation and restoration of independent state in the end of last century. The goal of exhibition is to inform the visitors about most important periods, facts, personalities and specifics of diplomat’s profession in respectful and interesting way.

The design of exhibition accents the importance of foreign policy in the framework of Latvia’s hundred anniversary. The visitor in short texts and illustrations is solemnly introduced into main periods of foreign affairs history on the translucent circle wall. The common mood of installation is created by the use of red color in the tone of states red and white flag. In three showcases different accessories of diplomats work can be viewed, for example, seals, orders of merits and pens. To acquire wider knowledge about the history of Latvian diplomacy the visitor can turn to large scale touch-screen. The design and chosen media of exhibition is easily transportable, installable and adjustable to the needs and mood of different exhibition halls.