Exhibition „Castle of Light and Glass Mountain – the Story of the National Library of Latvia Project”

The exhibition on architect Gunnar Birkerts and the history of the National Library building project is made up of two sections. The first, on the ground floor of the National Library of Latvia, presents the history of the library and its convoluted path to its new home. The second, located on Level 12, gives an insight into the personality of Gunnar Birkerts. Both sections have been designed so as to fit in naturally with the architectural environment, but at the same time, to stand out clearly as a permanent exposition, visually impressive, interesting and enriching its environment.

The ground floor exposition has been designed as a visually impressive, dynamic chronicle, or timeline of the history of the National Library’s building project. Alongside traditional visual and informative materials, video has been integrated, and significant exhibits and documents displayed.

To evoke the presence of the architect himself, the exposition about Gunnar Birkerts has been fashioned as an exemplary architect’s office. Visitors to this part of the exhibition can inspect items that reveal the paths that the architect’s life and career have taken. Birkerts’ handwriting was chosen as the visual image and graphic element for this section, displayed in his notes, sketches and drawings.