Monument dedicated to the centenary of the Latvian State in Daugavpils, Garden of Unity

Dd – in collaboration with the sculptor Ojārs Feldbergs and the architects’ bureau Nams – has developed a proposal for the monument „May Latvia Is Everlasting As Sun” dedicated to the centenary of the Latvian State. Idea and composition of the monument comprises set of symbols, rendered by shapes, planes, lines, colours and materials. The monument represents Sun that overlooks and unites both banks of the Daugava, while emphasizing signification of Daugavpils in the context of Latvia. At night, the monument is intended to be illuminated and brightened up with projections, thus turning this object into a relevant visual and narrative media.

It’s planned to construct and fit up a spacious exhibition hall under the monument. By linking the visual presentation to natural specificity of all Latvian regions, a multimedia exhibition on dialects, the Latvian language, development of the idea about sovereign Latvia, and creative achievements of Latvians will be set up by using sounds, narratives, life history of remarkable people from all regions.