Latvian Culture Vortal. The representatives of Latvian multimedia participate in the creation of future vision for the museums of USA [on the participation in the "MuseumExpo" in Chicago, USA] // Latvian Culture Vortal

In order to share the experience in the digital design, the representatives of Latvian multimedia Jānis and Dāvids Mitrēvici (Dd laboratory and Dd studio) were invited to participate in the exhibition and conference "MuseumExpo" in Chicago, USA.

During the "MuseumExpoTM2007" Dāvids Mitrēvics presented the audio visual work "Digital design solutions in Latvia" such a way presenting Latvia and participating in active discussion, which is the process of future vision outline for the improvement of multimedia application in the museums of USA.

Dāvids Mitrēvics pointed out, that the correctly chosen media and Technologies help both improve the contents of the exhibition and uncover the visual information to the spectator helping to orientate in the theme and not to loose themselves in the huge amount of information.

The mentioned Latvian artists were among the guests of the conference and the exhibition due to the current position of USA. "At the moment USA pays much attention to New Europe, especially regarding the field of Technologies and the digital design. At the same time the Golden prize of the international AVICOM – Fiap festival 2007 makes them treat us seriously and convinces them about our skills and level", says Jānis Mitrēvics.

Dd studio and Dd laboratory have prepared the digital expositions in Jūrmala city museum, Ventspils Museum, the biographic multimedia CDs about the poets Aleksandrs Čaks and Ojārs Vācietis as well as the visual interpretations in playstation format "rainis 2005_lv".